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from Transmission by Scrub MC



Flawless victory.

Hey, yo!—I'm sidetracked, sidechained, mentally insane.
Known to pick a beet and plant it in my own fucking garden.
I'm sick of people telling me I should listen to Goblin:
I already did and I didn't like it so fucking stop it.
I'm a hazard like a motherfucking mosh pit. Too hot—you dropped it.
Too concerned with your mob cred. The fuck is poppin'?
Savage like the macho man, got your bitch Randy.
Stoned and poundin' cheeseburgers like fucking Bobandy.
Too sweet, like candy: I prefer my shit bitter.
Coffee black, paper stack. Hit me up on Twitter.
I never smack a bitch 'cause it's wrong to harm animals
but I never think twice about cappin' a fucking cannibal.

Shit flows like manual or standard transmission.
Why you tryin' to jack my flow like it's a Caddy—quit the bitchin'!
Time to make a decision, we make incisions on your atoms.
Construct a bomb and drop it on those harbingers of havoc.
Too much panic on my planet so I'm off to outer space:
to the surface of the sun; keep the haters out my face.
Misplacing misintentions, you lost my attention.
Rapping' about some boring shit I'm finna make an interception.
An invention on your mic, you're loose like lefty and right tights.
A beat like a bassline, your mic isn't right.
I'm shittin' on a track 'cause that's just how I doo-doo it.
Spittin' hot mathematics, leaving all you dunces clueless.
Lacin' up my sneaks, my kicks fresh—you're lookin' shoeless.
Cyphin' all your beats on me 'cause that's just how we do this.
I'm looser than the lips of that drunk girl you got dome from,
I'm talking 'bout my flow; you already know just where to get some.

George Jetson, blasting off like Team Rocket.
I'm up in your ear socket; door's open, yo, I unlocked it.
Got beef motherfucker? You can toss it in the freezer.
Your bitch up on my D 'cause I just know how to please her.
Scrooge like Ebeneezer. Bitch, don't piss me off.
If you're a cop then you can straight-up haul ass out of my block.


from Transmission, released August 9, 2012
The beat used on Transmission is Fickle Sticks, by Damacha. You can find it here: soundcloud.com/dj-niubility/fickle-sticks




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