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My two feet are failing, walking me in circles,
But axis of the earth is twirling backwards and I'm wondering where I'm going,
Direction has no meaning when the flow of the ocean slows,
Down the cracks in the pavement are drying ever so,
I'm lost but not found, meaning hidden inside the sound,
Of a newborn crying baby born carrying only eight pounds,
Of angst, anger, sadness, and sorrow,
Kid won't last another day to see the next tomorrow,
Crying out for loving care, for who had justly left him there,
Never found his comfort standing up in times without an air
Of satisfaction pained for retaliation, brain working two hundred and ten times harder, need a vacation,
Need a new location, new set up, new friends,
Only finding out that he's afraid to find the end of his rope,
Started smoking dope now he's failing out and smoking up in the bathroom,
What happens in the classroom was never meant for outsiders eyes to see,
It's a catastrophe, why don't you ever believe me?
Oh god, I'm so sorry.

This is where we met on the last day of holiday,
This is where I died on the bricks lining the walkway,
This is where I said this is where we should find each other,
Abort the fucking mission if one of us is to lose cover,
Run if you're scared, run for the sunrise,
Don't get caught up staring at moon when the rays die,
Don't trust the man always telling you to be wise,
Worse comes to worst you can cover it with sweet lies,
This where we met on the last day of holiday,
This is where I died, and I apologize, I apologize.

Grew up knowing guilt and shame, sometimes noticed, never smothered,
Only knew the pains of struggling born without meeting his mother,
Loving only came in doses, times when he felt he was closest,
Spinning and spinning and spinning and finally spiraling,
Down toward depression, anger and aggression taking up all of his time,
Never had a single reason always had a solid rhyme,
Met a girl named Reason, she was his treason,
His poison, his cure, his acceptance of the changing seasons,
Drugs started playing hard, and Reason left his life one day,
He found her the next morning having drowned in the bay underneath the waves,
She died understanding what is lost is never missing,
But he couldn't follow up the death and spent his last days reminiscing,
Life lost its meaning, his heart barely beating,
He lived all alone, no one there to see that he'd stopped eating,
Never even wanted to breathe again,
And so he wrote his suicide note using blood on his pen... The next day he jumped


from The Science Of Drifting Apart, released November 22, 2011
rapped and produced by Blind Scientist




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