Give Up Your Bones

from Cowards & Ghosts by RTFM



give us your bones
give us your bones tonight
give up your home
give up without a fight
off with his head
go join the dead tonight
sleep soft in bed
safe and sound without a fright
/dig deep below
deep down below the soil
we'll see it grow
til it begins to spoil
I'll be alone
I'll be alone tonight
in the unknown
no one's quite sure what is right/
check for a pulse
see if he's still alive
cowards and ghosts
those who are left to die
heavenly host
heaven is closed tonight
head for the coast
fires burning out of sight
give up your bones
give up your bones tonight
give up your home
give up without a fight
bring out your dead
tears will be shed tonight
sing fear and dread
see if he's still alive
flowers and toasts
heres to the morning light
cowards and ghosts
heaven is closed tonight


from Cowards & Ghosts, released February 29, 2012




Belgian Man Records Concord, Massachusetts

Belgian Man Records is a collective of artists based in Concord, MA.

We record music, film videos, make art, and play shows.

All of our music is licensed under a Creative Commons by-nc license, which means you're free to share, remix, and re-use it non-commercially, if you give attribution to the artist.

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