Enemies, Closer!


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Recorded over the course of 2011, Enemies, Closer! is RTFM's debut album. It was inspired by hazy freshman dorms, motivation, and old flames.


released December 31, 2011

Written/Recorded by Fenn Macon
Mastered/Engineered by Andrew Monks




Belgian Man Records Concord, Massachusetts

Belgian Man Records is a collective of artists based in Concord, MA.

We record music, film videos, make art, and play shows.

All of our music is licensed under a Creative Commons by-nc license, which means you're free to share, remix, and re-use it non-commercially, if you give attribution to the artist.

All work represents the views of the artist who created it, and not those of Belgian Man.
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Track Name: Tom Foley's Lighter
You watched me as I fell
Into the acid rain I melt
The second I found you you were lost
Cast aside and tossed off
My family and just the friends I needed
I think this all just bears repeating
Track Name: Why, Dave?
I’m not all out of love
Just the one thing
I’ve been dreaming of
Motivation my old friend
This is the state I’m in
I’m waiting patiently for
Something that might never begin
Track Name: Fuller Bounce
I see the signs in Helvetica
That make me feel at home with you
And though it sounds so angelic
I know that it is not the truth

Your eyes are in the mirror of a rented car
I don't know where you're going
But I know that it's far
Far away from this side of the land
Somewhere out west
Like the settlers planned
You said you wanted to catch the sun
And hold it by its rays
I guess you want to grab it when its tired
At the end of the day
Don't let it burn your hands or your teeth
Even if you succeed, don't forget about me
It'll melt your ambitions
And make you suspicious of the pale light
And you'll leave us here in the east
With a permanent night

And outside the carolers started to sing
And I heard the church bells starting to ring

I think I’ve had enough
Found my diamond in the rough
Miles and miles of stars
And nothing else in the sky
And not for one second did we
Ever stop and wonder why
Track Name: SF
I sneak inside your room
And slip under the covers
To sing it out to you
That there is no light above us
And you let me know
That you have no inhibitions
And you let it show
That this is your little tradition

I know I won't to stay young,
I won't be 18 forever
But I like it the way it is
I'm not picking any successors
Don't expect me to emerge
Victorious on the weekend
I'm out of breath
Cross legged in the deep end

Now I'm sitting alone
In your smoked out basement
And I'm wondering if I should call
But I'd rather do nothing at all
Hold me down and shake me out
Give me all of your dirty looks
Were still praying for a spark
On the side of a used up matchbook

Your sharp mind is under fire
Little wings caught in barbed wire
Elephants on spindled legs
Bring us all more clouded days
Track Name: Baker House
Our eyes dance with the light that's bouncing off the moon and shines in through the roof
Ask why tonight and I'll give it up to you in a thousand different tape loops
Stay dim star bright we don't want to have to see what goes on beneath the feeling
A different sight, when the birds are at the bridge we'll go off without a hitch

I know I've got a lot of crazy left to deal with,
but I cleared my head and now my throat and let the wheels spin.
We left it all behind our friends our lives our problems,
we assumed we had the time to figure out and solve them

Only thorns did form
Rotten fruit well worn
Felled by sweet decay
Pray for better days

How will i know that you're not just going to hurt me
when our intentions make the both of us deserving?

When will I feel like I am young again,
these awkward bones and aching ligaments
and when the reaper comes
what will I say to all my loved ones?
Track Name: fr/yr/<3
I was home to the rag and bone now I'm sitting by my lonesome
I stripped myself down layer by layer and rid the world of what laid there
Maybe later in the year when all the feelings disappear
We'll pick up where we left off when our intentions become clear
Now I'm off in some strange town I'm dodging eyes and staying down
Greeting faces with a frown never hearing any unknown sounds
Today I stayed in bed threw the covers over my unwashed head
Oh let the wheels turn while my name is being burned
This song is for your heart, been broken from the start
If we don't get well soon, we'll lock ourselves in our own tombs with vacant floors in every room
As it started getting dark I walked back to where the car was parked
Through the shards of light I could see you picking scabs and forming scars
And I know that though I can't begin to fix your broken dream
One day you'd see the light and you'd find that love still reigns supreme
Track Name: Albion
Girl, I need your love
I need your touch,
Come save me, lush
It doesn't matter if it's fiction
I'm sitting through your false benediction
Girl, I need your love
Your touch, it's all too much
Enough's enough
Our love is a crutch
Can't you see
See my face
Can't you see
I know it's too late
Constantly complicated
Meaning of words faded
We're young we're dumb
But still we're jaded
Track Name: A Present
You’ve got to let me know if it starts to snow
Round here we feast on stormy weather
And if the rain gets in we will begin again
We’ll see this out together

And I’d know where to go if you’d just take it slow
I’m feeling like a fox in winter
I’m running out of holes where I can hide my nose
Oh god what have I gotten into
And if you’d let me in we’d bear the latest sin
As long as we faced it together
But since you’ve known me for too long
You know that soon I’ll be gone

I will be gone by the time you get home